Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The face of cancer - 9 months

It has been three years since my diagnosis with Stage IV colon cancer. Three years since my first surgery and three years since my first chemotherapy. And it has been nine months since I began taking daily photographs to chronicle the changes in my appearance.

Three months ago I posted my first Face of Cancer video, and now I have an update. It is available in high resolution or as a low resolution stream from YouTube.

I am still in my third round of chemotherapy, nearing a year on that treatment. I'm feeling pretty well, walking normally, traveling more, and being productive. It's hard to believe that in January I was bald, had a broken pelvis, and was about to go through several months of pain and bleeding due to radiation treatment.

In my eyes the video shows me feeling better as the cancer and treatment effects subside. I hope to continue in that direction and have another, even healthier update at the one year mark.

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