Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is Hippo. He came into my life a year ago, a gift from my girlfriend, Kiki. When I don't feel up to writing about the weighty matters in this blog, I help chronicle his adventures and discoveries at a site we call Hippograms.

It feels silly to admit but Hippo has been a helpful little guy. When I'm home alone due to treatment and unemployment he's always there looking happy. He's never scared, except of things like pythons and crocodiles. He's been a good outlet for happy thoughts and youthful innocence.

He's also been helpful in my relationship with Kiki. He has become our travel companion and frequent excuse for photographs when neither of us humans wants to be photographed ourselves. He even wrote a book about all our adventures (with a little help from Kiki). He's been a catalyst for creative collaboration and a neutral arbitrator when his humans get a little frazzled.

Everybody should have a Hippo.

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