Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Second recurrence

In April my oncologist let me stop chemotherapy with Xeloda. My scans and CEA had been normal for six months and we hoped that I could remain disease-free without continued treatment.

It felt nice to be off of chemo, finally able to spend more time at work and play without the old two-week chemo ickiness cycle. I was still pretty tired and had lingering side effects, but I expected those problems to improve over the coming year.

One day in June I noticed a new pain or fullness in my rectum – nothing too surprising with all the surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation that it had been through. A few days later I developed a 101 degree fever that came and went for the next ten days. My oncologist prescribed an antibiotic and sent me for my three-month PET/CT scan as well as a sigmoidoscopy.

The sigmoidoscopy came first. My colorectal surgeon, the one who diagnosed my colon cancer in 2004 (to his own great surprise), said he saw another tumor like before. It was growing from the site where my colon and rectum were reattached, about an inch wide and beginning to interfere with the passage of stool. He also saw evidence that there was something outside the colon pressing inward.

Two days later I had the PET/CT scans. They showed a one-inch tumor at the reattachment site and a two-inch tumor in the adjacent soft tissue.

This news is very disappointing. Just as I was recovering from eighteen months of chemotherapy plus radiation and making plans for the future, it's all spoiled and I'm thrown back into treatment.

We are now trying oxaliplatin, a drug that was given as part of my first chemotherapy but which my body hasn't seen in three years. We're also throwing in Xeloda and Avastin again for good measure. My radiation oncologist wants to irradiate the tumors to prevent bleeding and protect my leg nerves from intrusion into my tail bone. We'll start five weeks of daily radiation in late August.

Aside from the nausea of my first dose of oxaliplatin I'm feeling pretty good. Energetic, clear headed, strong, and mostly pain-free. But I'm unhappy to be returning to the drag of chemotherapy, especially one harsher than before. And I'm worried that with no new miracle drugs these tumors will become resistant and my health will be all downhill from here.

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