Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Writing about cancer

I haven't published anything here in a while. At first that was because I had just finished with Xeloda and wanted to focus on non-cancer things for a while.

Later I did write some partial posts but never finished them. I felt that they sounded too optimistic, too preachy, or too pathetic, so I wasn't comfortable sharing them.

Then in June I felt sick for a couple weeks and got busy with tests to figure out what's wrong. I have some news to share from those in a few days, after I know more about what's going to happen.

In the meantime, I was pointed to a blog called My Cancer. It's by Leroy Sievers, a journalist dealing with advanced colon cancer. It's frightening for me to read his recent posts as he's suffering from the effects of widespread metastases that are likely to be in my future.

But it's an interesting, voluminous, and insightful blog. He even has a post on this same topic called Put On a Happy Face?.

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