Monday, December 1, 2008

The face of cancer – 2 years

Two years ago I began taking daily photographs of myself to track how my appearance changes as I battle with cancer. During that time I started a different chemotherapy, treated a bone tumor with radiation, knocked the cancer back into remission, finished chemotherapy, diagnosed a recurrence, started another chemotherapy, and found that these drugs that helped before are no longer stopping the cancer's growth.

I previously posted time-lapse movies of these self portraits at the 6 month and 9 month marks. Now I present two years of self portraits as a high resolution download or as a streaming video.

The early months were marred by the severe acne and hair loss from the previous ineffective chemotherapy. Since then I think my appearance has continued to improve even through the latest months of recurrence and unsuccessful return to other drugs.

The best plan of attack now is a big surgery to go after the tumors directly. So I am preparing myself through eating, exercise, relaxation, and planning for months of recovery. The break from chemotherapy at this time might show in the extra twinkle of energy and clarity I feel.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing! Congratulations on your survivorship of stupid cancer. Rock on!


Alan Swann
Executive Assistant
I'm Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation